Rapid Action For Human Advancement Tradition(RAHAT), Bihar was incorporated on August,12,2002 under Society Registration Act 1860. It's registered office is located in Kishanganj,while it's area of operation extends to 6 districts of Bihar. A large part of the activities of the RAHAT are conducted through selected Non-Governmental Organisations and other training institutions. Funds are obtained from Government of Bihar and Government of India and other donor agencies through budgetary allocations for specific projects and covered by sanctions through Government Orders. RAHAT is a name known for the ideology and philosophy of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Moulana Abul Kalam Azad into action. The founder of the organization Farzana Begum has her root in Education Movement. She gives up education on the ideology of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. All the tortures and atrocities turned this young dynamic youth into a seasoned development worker. Her journey of development started in this sector a volunteer. After completion of apprenticeship of 5 years as volunteers She decided to register an organization to do the work of in more organized way. Farzana Begum with some of his close association founded RAHAT as a registered organization on 12th August 2002. RAHAT has been registered under legally under FCRA and is quite active in the field of Rural Development since 2002 in Kishanganj,Katihar,Purnea,Araria districts of Bihar. The organization focusing on major issues like education, Health and sustainable on-farm and non-farm agro based income generation activities through the promotion of SHGs. Our intention is local support organizations for community based groups with adequate infrastructure and technical support, so that these groups became self sufficient to analyze and under development activities of their area.

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